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Hello everyone! Got some news to share ^^

Cell Phone Poll
Thank you everyone who answered or responded to the cell phone poll I posted today! I wanted to see if there was a majority of people using a certain model of phones but...the results seem to be quite even haha. I was considering making some phone cases but I would have no idea what type of cases to make. 

New LE print, and original sketches for sale
Picked out some sketches from my books for sale, they're available in my Storenvy! 

Sketches, pencil, pen, or inked

INKtober sketches

New Limited Edition Giclée print! I'm only printing a small run of these super high quality archival prints, they will be numbered and signed. Once they're gone, they're gone! I will also be doing some small original ink drawings to go with each print sold.

Pink Hair
Yeap...I got my hair dyed an ombre pink! It will slowly fade to a softer pink as the weeks go by :)

Thanks for reading!
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Markers have been sold, thank you for viewing`!

*16 Original Copic Markers (Colors shown above)
Condition: Stored away, never used
($70 + value!)

*4 Copic Ciao Markers
Condition: Stored away, should be never used, if at all just colour test.
Blue Violet (BV08)
Blue Green (BG09)
Cadmium Orange (YR07)
Fruit Pink (E02)

*1 Bonus two-tone Copic Request
Single Character Bust (Sample above)
On 4 x 4-6 in (approx) paper 
(Choosing card stock based on what I have, won’t be regular printer paper)

Note: It does not come with a traditional Copics box, I’ve put them into a different container for shipping purposes.
Will not be opening copic commission slots so this is a rare chance!

$70 USD + Shipping
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Hello everyone!

I usually start off my journals this way now hahaha, but apologies again for not being as active on DA. I'm much more active on my social media. So again, if you're on any of the following feel free to find me there!

Artbook/zine Participation List:

Dressrosa Zine (One Piece Fan zine)
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Hello everyone! Long time no journal update! I'm sorry I haven't been on DA as much. For those who would like to follow up more closely I am more active on Tumblr and Twitter ^^.

Storenvy Up!

I recently setup my own storenvy shop! All my remaining prints are on SALE, nothing is over $5! I won't be reprinting once everything is sold, so please take some time to check it out! As always I'll throw in a bunch of extra goodies *v*!

LETTERS Charity Artbook

:iconlettersartbook: :iconlettersartbook:
I will be participating in another charity artbook that will be completed early 2014. The raised funds will be donated to the Doernbecher Children's HospitalThe theme of this book is the English alphabet, where each page represents a different letter, upper and lower case. It's a 52 paged artbook and I'm honoured to be able to participate alongside a roster of amazing artists. So please check it out and support the project if you can when it's out!

Plan Canada: Because I'm a Girl

Starting in October 2013, I'll be donating monthly to Plan Canada's Because I'm a girl program. I'm sponsoring a girl in Egypt, I've yet to receive my package with more information on her but I'm really excited about this ^^. We're encouraged to become pen pals, and I hope she will like my letters to her. My monthly donation is enough to afford an average phone plan >_>. So I will be looking to open up commissions in the near future to earn a little extra on the side as well as save up for a new tablet. 
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UPDATE: 2013 01 23
We'd like to thank everyone for their interest and for taking the time to apply. We're slowly going through the remaining submissions, and are no long accepting new applications. Too many talented people out there, it's hard to choose! Best of luck to you all, and we appreciate your patience!


First of all, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great holiday and has set some goals for this year. Now for the updates, starting with the most important news...


You must have all been hearing more and more about this lately, and perhaps some of you already know. I've been working for an indie studio working on several indie game projects, and we've taken on an animation project as of late. It's a new year and as the project list piles up we're in need of some more talented people to lend their hands to us!

Some basic info:
We need:
- 2D and 3D animators. *
- 3D Modeler(s) *
- Character and Creature Designers *
- Colourists *
- Game Developers *
- Web/Backend Developers *
- Environment Artists
- Interface Designers
- Audio Engineers and Mixers
- Creative Writers

* Priority positions

Send your applications to with subject heading: "I passed the first test, now where's my cookie?"

To find out more details visit:…
To see the kind of work that has been done thus far visit:…

I posted a general list on my twitter at the beginning of the year, I wanted to post the direct link but for some reason it's not letting if you're interested you can look on my twitter for it. However I decided to post a more catered list here!

- Sketch everyday, even if it's just a meaningless scribble
- Practice cg-ing more
- Experiment with more mediums/techniques
- Host more Livestreams
- Practice backgrounds, anatomy
- Learn a new program

I'm looking at this now and it's quite the list haha; Good luck..!


I've been playing this very simple MMO called Elemental Knights Online for iOS and Android.
*Note to Android users, not sure if it's free to download for the Android. If yes, download the "RED" version since the Blue one is Asia only I think.

If you decide to sign up, use my referral code in the invite ID and we'll both get some invite only equipment! : CFIFMY

It's no where near as flexible and big as a computer based MMO but there are several classes, numerous weapons/gear and character customizing. They have gachas for gear, every so often you get a free gacha ticket. The english is very broken since it's roughly translated but you get a good enough idea on how to play! I played this over the holidays with my boyfriend and we play whenever we have a little time. I definitely recommend just checking it out, I'm looking forward to more MMO's available for mobile devices internationally.

That's all for now, cheers everyone, thank you for continuing to support me!
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Hello everyone! I'm taking part of this charity artbook called TRIUMPH. I haven't participated in such a large collaboration charity book before, so I'm excited to do this. They have now opened the submissions to everyone! Selection process will be decided by a contest, the details are below. I was asked to share this, to find out more I would suggest visiting their group page :icontriumphartbook:

Everyone is welcome to join the group and to participate in the contest.

You"ll be in an artbook

You have a fairly big chance at winning
We hope to give around 10 up to 20 contest entries a place in our book!

Okay now that I have your interest ~
Time for the rules and Guidelines

* The Deadline is set for the 2nd of February 2013 ~ might be extended
* Pieces made before the 19th of August 2012 are not welcome


What's that?
* To obtain victory; to be successful; to prevail.
* A state of joy or exultation for success.
* A magnificent and imposing ceremonial performed in honor of a general who had gained a decisive victory over a foreign enemy.
* To be prosperous; to flourish.
* Success causing exultation; victory; conquest; as, the triumph of knowledge.
* To play a trump card.

*Special = draw the 4 seasons in one picture


* Any form of cheating, tracing, copying and stealing someon's art is not allowed
* Create something related to our theme <3
* The maxium of entries is 5/person

❖ Big/detailed backgrounds
❖ Gijinka/furries/part-anthro/non-humans (elves, cat ears/tail, fairies)
❖ Multiple Characters
❖ Up to two (2) works can be submitted. Same rule, for group members and for artists.
❖ Line art
❖ Collaborations

❖ Blood/gore/PG13-or-over stuff
❖ Chimeras (mix of real animal parts)
❖ Fanart
❖ Huge watermark or unintegrated title/text over the image.
❖ Nudity (full-on/nipples/genitals; back is acceptable)
❖ Sketches/unfinished pictures
❖ Unnatural colors (bright blue tiger, etc) except for invited artists who only work in this kind of style

How do I submit my work

Make sure you're a member of TriumphArtbook
Make an artwork and submit it to our gallery folder…

Don't forget to mention the following in the art description:
1. Your name
2. Title of the piece
3. Season you picked
4. Mention that this is a contest entry for a charity artbook created by TriumphArtbook

Not required, but welcome:
5.  Feel free to tell me more about your submission; the story behind it, how you feel about it
anything you want


A place in an artbook
Prize donations are more than welcome

The Judges

So far we have...
:iconreneedelagee: Extremely picky but with an eye for talent.
:iconflyingpeachbun: Has a love for concept and ideas behind the actual work
:icondea-89: Looks further then skills and is an appreciator of original styles

Wishing all participants the best of luck and spread the word!
For any updates on the contest prizes, judges, rules and the artbook itself
follow these links.

General Info
Artist List
Submission Guide
Contest Info Journal

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Hey everyone!

Yeap! I'm going a a one week trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida, and we're visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while we're in the area.
I haven't finished packing yet, and I don't think it's hit me how awesome of a trip this is going to be. It's my first trip out of the country with my boyfriend, and my first time to Florida ever! I'm sure the moment we start heading to the airport it's going to hit me.

So I'll be away for a week, I know there's still many deviations and comments for me to reply to but I'll try to get around to those when I get back, as well as share some photos :)!

I'm going to get so tanned...I've already gotten enough sun this year though imo haha.

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Edit: That was quick~! Thank you :iconiviernu: for your generous support :)!


Hello everyone!

I'm not in dire need of a subscription, but I do miss some of the functions it comes with so I'm offering a little thank you package for those willing to help me upgrade! It's also part of my plan to be more active again on DA in small ways or big I want to reach out to everyone again. I can't promise that I'll be able to reply to every comment, but do know I read every single one, and you guys keep me inspired :)

So I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it but here goes haha;

Package A - 3 Month Membership
*A personally written letter addressing a topic of your choice
*Mini doodle/scribble where there's space on the letter
*Postcards and bookmarks, as many as I can fit.
*No Shipping Required

Package B - 12 Month Membership
*Everything in Package A
*A limited edition metallic print (signed if you wish)
*Original Rough sketch of my choice thrown in

There's only 3 slots for these thank you packages, since I can't imagine needing a stockpile of DA memberships haha;
However, the moment someone offers a 12 month membership all remaining slots will close.
So first come first serve!

1.) Iviernu
2.) closed
3.) closed

If you're interested and/or feeling generous, please note or comment below :)!
Thanks for your support!
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Hello everyone!

So I was told that I was lucky enough to have a friend set us up with a table spot for the Nihonmachi Street Fair & Festival in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend personally, but NikkieCole will be selling some out of print prints in my place! She has a small stash of prints I handed to her a little while ago, and once they're gone, they're gone I will no longer be reprinting those, so, grab one while you can if you like :)! I believe there will also be prints from :iconkaze-hime:, :iconaka-shiro: and :iconmisdirecting:

Thank you for everyone's support over the years, I'll update again soon :)
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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to update a little. I did end up going to AN 2012, only for the Saturday and I didn't end up getting a pass so me and my friends spent almost the entire time outside. Just wandering, enjoying the cosplays and chilling.

I did get to go inside for like an hour, we sped through both the artist alley and dealers room. Got myself a cute mini sailor alpaca plush that I'll put up a photo on tumblr tomorrow!

Did I cosplay...yes I did...!
I was dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece but a girl version hahah, I was walking around with a cute male Luffy and we'd be stopped for photos since people were like "whoah, couples Luffy? Girl Luffy?" We also participated in the One Piece group photoshoot out in the front.

So perhaps some of you saw me but just didn't know I probably should've mentioned beforehand but this was a completely last minute decision. Though I did love how breezy the costume was, I would've melted in that heat in any other costume!

Hope everyone that went had fun! Share some of your highlights with me or if any of you remember seeing me, give a shout!

p.s. I'm getting very close to finding that job! Crossing my fingers!
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Hi everyone!

Table? Have none.

I actually had no intentions of getting a table this year, and I thought it would be nice to just enjoy the convention for once with some friends. Around a month ago a friend messaged me saying one of her friends was selling theirs, I tried to get on it but the person selling never really responded.

I also did not get a weekend pass, so I hope I can even get in that weekend since they're saying something about an attendance cap? If anyone can shed light on that, please do! As in, would I only be able to buy day passes, or can I still get a weekend pass?

Maybe I can just ask someone to sell prints for me, I'll pay for part of the table and work out some kind of deal for their help and effort. I don't have anything new to sell but perhaps some people are still interested?


I can just cosplay an Artist Alley TABLE, I'll walk around with "DRAA" hanging over my head and if you want you can buy prints off me and I'll take sketch commissions for a day. ---Bad idea right?

Anyways, my apologies to those who were really hoping/looking forward to me being there :(! If people wanted to buy prints perhaps I can arrange to bring a few for you haha.
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Hello everyone!

I've been busy, still job hunting, it's been a while but I hope to find something soon.

I wanted to share with you all my personal website that I recently finished, it hosts my design work and select pieces from my gallery here and tumblr.

Please feel free to check it out, bookmark it, say hello! Especially share with others!

Treetrooper is a character alias I've made for myself, I've gotten pretty attached to him so I think I'll continue to develop his story and introduce his friends to everyone soon :)

Again, thank you all so much for your continued support over these years, your presence keeps me going!

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update and a little confession

Tue Mar 6, 2012, 11:26 AM
Top Bird

Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been absent from DA for so long, but I figured I'd post one more journal before my subscription runs out. It makes checking messages so much easier so I feel I'd definitely be tempted to get one again later haha. So as some of you know who follow me on twitter or tumblr, I've been on the full time job hunt. How is that going? Hmm, I think not bad, just nothing is for certain yet. So I'll keep at it!

Little Confessions
I recently read kurot's journal about her life story, and I'm fortunate and lucky to say that I don't have anything similar like that to share but, it did make me wonder how well do my watchers know me? Or how well would they like to know me?

So again, my deepest apologies to those still waiting on their CG commission slots from soon to be 2 years ago. I have this bad tendency to bite off more than I can chew. I don't like to disappoint and I want to do everything! In my head I think well I have this much free time I can do it! But I always forget that life is unpredictable haha. I also don't like to pass up opportunities, so even with all the work I should be doing, things come up I feel are more of a priority to me. I really can't wait to finish my list of commission work! Not that I don't like it, but then I can open new ones in very small numbers. Like one or two hahaha.

Back to the job hunting, I've been on a roller-coaster of emotions for the past half a year or so, every morning I wake up, and night before bed I think about all the things I need to do. How I need to find a job. I'm excited to move on in my life, yet worried at the same time. My mind is kind of exhausted, and I really can't wait to breathe that one sigh of relief.

In hindsight, it really is all my fault, I definitely could've worked harder pre-graduation, and post-graduation. Even if I have good enough work I still lack industry experience; it's always harder finding that first job. I'm always telling myself that I want to read more, do more side projects, better myself in so many ways, but I never find the time to. That probably is an excuse, there's always time but do I make time for it? I think about it definitely. I'm not the type to say I'll do something and it ends up just being words, I guess my problem is that there are just too many things I want to do. Every day I have decide what's more important.

I really thank the people who still visit my webpage here, or the new followers I have. I have noticed that the traffic here has dropped noticeably due to my lack of presence here. The only way for me to bring that back up is to update regularly. Another slice of time I need to devote myself to.

Anyways, that's a little about me behind the scenes, I'm a little poor at managing all the things I need to do, but I still love doing the things I do. If there's anything any of you would like to know about me, or just curious to ask, feel free to send them to my Ask box on tumblr.

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win a brkid vinyl

Thu Nov 24, 2011, 10:24 AM

Reblog Bearkid's tumblr post for a chance to win a free Vinymal! If you have a mac these fit perfectly over the Apple logo and they look so cool! If not they look nice hanging around pretty much anywhere :)

We will be randomly selecting a winner on November 30th, 2011!
That's less than a week away!

Check out the tumblr post here, and reblog if you have a tumblr!………

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new prints and garage sale

Mon Aug 29, 2011, 5:36 PM
Top Bird

I've been meaning to clear my room of some things I no longer feel the urge to keep. So I've uploaded photos and item descriptions to a new tumblr to keep everything together. Things for sale include, anime figures, artbooks, doujinshi, clothing and I may occasionally put in some original sketches/work for sale.

So please check it out! I've got some rare items as well as good prices on some things :) (Click on the date under each post to access the full post). There will be a few more things to come!


These were first sold at AN 2011, I have a little bit leftover for those who might be interested :)
These are all printed on high quality photopaper, some of which are on a limited metallic stock I can't quite capture it's shiny-ness on camera but I guarantee that they'll look different than your usual photo print-outs! I don't know if I'll be able to get them done of that again so grab em while I still have it! Every order will get some random freebies such as bookmarks or chibis thrown in!

These are all printed on high quality photopaper!

A.) Pokeloids [10x15 in, Matte]**
B.) Leprotto [10x15 in, Matte]**
C.) Story of Evil [10x15 in, Matte]**
D.) Katamari Prince [8x12 in, Metallic]**
E.) Moonlight  [8x1o in, Metallic]**
F.) Magnet Miku  [5x7 in, Glossy]
G.) PikaLen Portrait  [8x12 in, Metallic]**
H.) PikaRin Portrait  [8x12 in, Metallic]**
I.) 1827 Embrace  [5x7 in, Glossy]
J.) Passing Storm [8x1o in, Metallic]**
K.) Rosemar [Sample 5x7 in, Glossy]

I sold most of them for $10 at AN, but to try and balance out the price of the shipping I've changed them to the following:

Posters & Special Stock Prints (All those marked with **): $8 USD/CND Each, $15 for 2, $22 for 3.
Postcards: $2 USD/CND each, $5 for 3
**Please note I can only accept payments through paypal

Canada post is rather pricey I know, but the shipping stays the same regardless how many you order. I try to package them in the most secure and economical way possible. These prices are for CANADA and USA only, if you're outside of North America, feel free to note me for a quote :)

Postcards: $1.50 - $3.00 (Regular Mail)
Posters: $6.00- $7.00 (Surface or Airmail)
If interested, please note me with your order info as follows:
ORDERING: [Name of item] [x Quantity wanted]
If you have any questions please note me! Thank you all for your continued support and much love <3!

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Thank You Everyone!

Sun Jun 26, 2011, 11:22 AM
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Just wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and gifts! I had a wonderful birthday this year :). I will get onto answering everyone's messages soon.

Also, I know I haven't been as active this year in comparison to others but I really appreciate those who still keep up with me here, or on my twitter/tumblr. I keep drawing because I love doing it but you guys all make it that much more worth it!

Update soon!

<3 draa

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Top Bird

NikkieCole is host to a new convention called Kintoki-Con! Just wanted to give a shout out since she'll be selling work from the artists listed below (myself included!) Like I've mentioned before, it will be the first time ever that my work will be sold at a convention in the US!

:iconaka-shiro: :iconkaze-hime: :icontoypanda: :icondraa:

The convention is sponsored by :iconteam4d:! And it's happening this weekend of June 18-19! Get a weekend pass and you'll get access the night of the 17th, or preview night! So all you Lackadaisy, Knite, The Meek, Pheonix Requiem and HNABN fans better show up to support them too!!

I have leftovers of this years new prints, and I will be setting up a journal soon to sell a limited number of each print, so stay tuned =)

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AN 2011

Sat May 14, 2011, 1:14 PM
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Anime North 2011: LE METALLIC PRINTS!

[EDIT]: Update!

Hi again!
Just wanted to let everyone know again that I'll be at Anime North 2011 this weekend! Sharing a table with Syaiku :D

Our table location is: D12

I've only managed to finish one or two new prints but a lot of prints are previous work never sold. This year I've printed on a fancy METALLIC finish! It's like getting a holographic card ;D! Limited in quantity and no telling if I'll ever be able to print them again that way, so do come by and take a look! See you all soon!

<3 draa
Hello everyone! Just dropping by to say, I'll be at Anime North this year, and I said I'd have all new work for sale, hahahaha. Letting you guys down is 103432425x worse than lack of sleep so I'm going to try my best to fill the table.

Some have asked if I'll be taking commissions there, yes! I don't know what I'll be offering but at least pen or pencil sketches. If I feel like bringing watercolors I might take a couple of those too.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support! See you all there, don't feel shy to say hi, cause I'm usually the shy one lolol;

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Top Bird

Bear Kid has joined the DA community! BRKD is a clothing company run by a friend of mine. Making tastefully simple yet unique designs on quality tshirts, hoodies and more. We're thinking of doing a collaboration sometime!

BatBear by BRKD
(Batman x Bear Kid, awesome.)
In the meantime check out his work at:

:iconbrkd: :iconbrkd: :iconbrkd:

draa @ Kintoki-Con

I won't be there physically, sorry! But my good friend NikkieCole will be selling my prints exclusively at KINTOKI-CON. This is the first time my work will available for purchase in the US! Not to mention that Kintoki has an amazing list of events and guests so definitely a double bonus to check out! Book your tickets if you haven't already, and are in the area to attend!

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Tumblr blog Up!

Sat Jan 15, 2011, 4:29 PM
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Hello everyone!

How's 2011 treating you so far =p?

I'm still quite busy, a lot is happening at home, but either way I apologize for the lack of updates and delays on commissions, forgive me ;v; .

Looking into getting a computer memory upgrade so hopefully I can Livestream again soon, it really does help to make sure I stay on track lool!



I've had an account for years I think but I had completely forgot about it, I've decided that I'll keep the uploading of my BJD photos to a minimal here and post them more there as well as sketches and other things I would not post here usually. So please drop by if you're interested ^^!

Also has the "ask me anything" feature, and I'll do my best to answer everything.

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